Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Island storm maroons holidaymakers.

unedited emails:

Forlorn message on 21st April 2009:

Alas we are all stranded on LHI.
Nothing else to do but cook up another magnificent meal and pour another stiff Campari - it's a disaster, where's the ice?

See ABC photos by Ian Hutton.

[email later that same day:]

Due to gale force winds at Lord Howe Island my flight was cancelled yesterday. Two intense low pressure systems have been bookending LHI.

Yesterday we had 240mm of rain and 150km/hr winds. The runway has been damaged due to hydrostatic pressure. The earliest flight out, the one I have rescheduled on, is Wednesday at 1200WST - back home Wednesday night.

Last night's ride home from the open-mike Sunday session (a LHI 'karaoke' institution) was crazy with wind and rain like you have never seen. I was blown off the road twice!

This morning with the wind behind me I rode back from Blinky Beach standing on my pedals to form a sail and travelled the 1km of the road at about approx 30km/hr.

Trust conditions on the The Rock are more amenable.

SES to assist in Lord Howe 'disaster zone'